An Overview On anti counterfeiting and brand protection

What every brand needs to know when creating a safety procedure. Manufacturers worldwide are facing an onslaught of fakes, imitations, and licensed innovation criminals. Counterfeiters are launching perpetually progressive attacks on real products and their deeper value. Find out how U-NICA engages brands to retaliate on multiple levels with their anti counterfeiting and brand protection agreements.

Prologue to anti-counterfeiting protection

If illegal trading were an economy, it would be the eighth largest on the planet with a value of over $2 trillion. Moreira from UNCTAD. The United Nations warns that counterfeit goods are among the highest payout points for coordinated irregularities. An influx of counterfeits is flooding brands of every size and type, from customer products like shoes to medicines like life-saving drugs.

Brand equity protection

Protecting brand esteem goes beyond the physical and financial value of an item. It is established in extremely valuable intangibles such as buyer trust, hard-won position, or status arrangement. It is these intangibles much more than the actual views of your item that counterfeiters try to take advantage of.

Brand protection

The requirement for fast and successful brand protection is advanced by the expansion of online retailers as well as progressively exact duplicates of the actual item. The anti-counterfeiting package market is projected to exceed $248 billion by 2026 to compensate. However, relying entirely on it to curb fake trades is not enough. Item package development only helps customers who have the opportunity to keep it.

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