Simple steps to check if the Tissot watch is a fake or genuine

The watches of Tissot have been in the market for more than 160 years. Those who are wearing Tissot watches had already earned a status symbol. With the purchase of Tissot watches there are many black manufacturers who are selling Tissot watches on their own. There had been times when people had spotted that they are not having a genuine watch. Getting a Tissot watch is easy but the chances are much higher that it can be a Fake. The genuine zegarki tag heuer tissot watches are having much difference when compared to a fake one’s. Here are the common things to look out for when buying them.

  1. Purchase it from Genuine Dealer: The genuine dealers are present online and they can send the watches within few working days. When buying the watch from anywhere then the chances of it being fake increases. The zegarki tag heuer watches are having genuine dealers around the world as this watch is been spread out wide. One of the recommended genuine dealers is available at They are having all different types of Tissot watches for every age group.

  1. Crystal cut finish: The Watch of Tissot will have a nice finishing. Check the edges if there are any scratches on it. The belt of the watch will not be having any loss end. When checking leather straps then try bending them as they will easily bend without any cutting edges. Also, check the buttons or key at the side of the watch as they should function smoothly. Tissot checks every watch before they are sent out to the retailers.
  1. Serial Number: All the watches of Tissot are having serial numbers which can be checked online. Just locate the watch serial number and enter it on any of the sites of Tissot watches. Within few minutes you will be able to know about the watch that you are holding. If you are unable to do it on your own then take the watch to a dealer near you.
  1. Fully functional watch: Whether you are buying a simple Tissot watch or an analog one. It will be having all the function that runs smooth. Even if the watch is having small dials inside them, they will also function properly. The fake ones just work on the hour and minute buttons whereas, the genuine has a full function watch body.


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