Guarantees for the refund of VAT

This type of guarantee offers the possibility of obtaining early repayment of credits that companies have against the tax authorities on an annual or quarterly basis.

The surety for advance VAT refund can be requested if you have credits against the Italian tax system . In order to obtain both annual and quarterly VAT credit refunds, the taxpayer must provide certain guarantees, unless expressly exempt.

The guarantee may consist of one:

bail in government bonds, or bonds guaranteed by the state at market value fast bail bonds pa.

guarantee issued by a company or credit institution;

institution or insurance company authorized to exercise the Surety branch, by means of a policy.

This allows the VAT refund in advance only if the applicant company presents a regular surety. This form of legal guarantee allows trust to be consolidated between the parties and serves to guarantee the Revenue Agency the return of the refund paid if the compensation obtained by the taxpayer proves to be illegitimate after the appropriate checks of the case.

In fact, once the advance repayment in favor of the contracting company has been approved, checks will be carried out by the Revenue Agency to verify the truthfulness of the tax return.

In the event of discrepancies, the Company that provides the deposit will guarantee the return of any sums disputed by the Revenue Agency.

Customs guarantees

The law requires, for those who carry out customs operations, the presentation of suitable guarantees for the suspension of the payment of certain customs duties . Furthermore, the deferment of the payment of the rights is permitted on the condition that suitable guarantees are provided.

This is where customs guarantees come into play, with which the Customs Agency ensures payment of the customs tariff in the event that the transport company has difficulty in fulfilling the required payments or in the event that the goods have not been re-exported within the established time frame.

As we explained in an  article dedicated to customs guarantees , the most common requests refer to the guarantee for the deferment of payment of the related rights, to guarantee the temporary importation of goods or for the operation of a private customs warehouse.

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