What to Look for in the General Contractor

A home improvement project is a serious responsibility; not only hire a suitable general contractor to do the job, but also get a fair price.

It is not even safe to hire a general contractor recommended by a friend, with the certainty that the renovation project of your main house will be carried out without problems. You must consider the time, material support, including hourly pay and work that will be transferred to plumbers, electricians and other workers. Even the price must be agreed: is it fair or is it the only amount that must be paid? To avoid problems in the future: hire an experienced and reputable general contractor near pittsburgh pa.

Follow these guidelines to hire a good contractor:

  • Look for the personal recommendation of trusted friends who have had experience with a contractor
  • Discuss your needs with your local building supply distributor.
  • Access to online services.
  • Use the telephone directory as a last resort.

Make a list and find out if the contractor has a license, compensation insurance for employees, property damage and personal liability. After choosing the best three or four general contractors, you can visit them in person. Also get the names and addresses of your clients.

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Using names and contact numbers, call these clients to find out if their work was satisfactory or if there was a problem. You can even visit them to see the final work. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask the four general contractors you choose to submit a formal request according to your requirements. Keep in mind that the lowest bid may not be the best.

Maintain a pleasant relationship with your contractor, since you are a partner in the project. Maintain the contractor’s commitment to his previous work. It is also important to know how many years you were involved in this business. If you do any work that matches your project, will you have enough people to do it? Try to make sure you can give your time and enough workers to do the job.


Never forget to carefully read your contract to avoid obligations that a contractor may impose on you. If the general contractor refuses to pay for the subcontractors or materials, the people to whom he owed money can promise their property. You can avoid this by adding an exemption clause to your contract. You can make payments to the guarantee account that will be issued after the completion of the work, although this may cost more.

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